The Pre-Adventure

After a mad couple of weeks running around getting final fittings and jobs done for Honey Badger we said goodbye to our Vancouver Friends and Family.

Derek Lemoine, our wizard craftsman (Also the father of one of Rebecca’s good friends), Worked for two full weeks crafting custom fittings for the boat including a spare rudder, a stove holder (the Lemoine Cooker Holder – Patent Pending), re-inforcements for our riggers, and steering housing to finish off the beautiful steering enhancement created by Gig Harbor Boat works.


Andy Macdonald and Tom Cox-Rogers of Bluewater Rigging were up at the crack of dawn the Monday before we left to help us out with our Capsize drill.  The drill involved us getting inside the main cabin while a crane flipped us over to see if we’d self right again… this exercise is required by race rules so we had to get it right, and Honey Badger needed to perform.
Yes... we are INSIDE the cabin in this photo

Yes… we are INSIDE the cabin in this photo

And so, after 2.5 years of preparation, it was time to load up the Jeep and Honey to Badger begin the drive down to Monterey.
We planned to leave enough time at the border for US Customs to have a thorough look at the boat if they’d have wanted to but we only got a few questions and a cursory look over so we were clear of the border by 9:30am.  A quick stop at the Blain warehouse for some packages and we were off to our first night’s stop-over, Ingrid and Andrew Casey in Woodinville WA.  Always the fantastic hosts, we were treated to one of Ingrid’s fantastic steak, caramelized onions, and mashed potato dinner AND a scrumptious homecooked breakfast the next morning.
We made a quick stop at Jordan Hanssen’s house in Seattle to get the bow end of the boat wrapped up to protect it from the drive down (bugs, rocks, and UFO’s that might attack it on the drive down)
Our third stop was at the Godmother’s house of Rebecca’s Sister in Law in Grants Pass Oregon (who just so happens to be the Niece of George Takei!! )
It took us three days in all and we arrived in Monterey a full two days ahead of our planned schedule ready for the ramp up to our launch on June 7th…
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