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We most definitely couldn’t do all of this without the help of our Support Team! These people have given us generous amounts of their spare time helping us in all areas of our preparation for the row. We can’t thank them enough!

Olympics Day 5 - Sailing - RS:X Women's (Photo Credit Clive Mason - Getty Images)

Olympics Day 5 – Sailing – RS:X Women’s (Photo Credit Clive Mason – Getty Images)

Nikola Girke

Executive Coach

Nikola has been an invaluable resource in preparations for the row. She’s been working with Rebecca in a series of one on one sessions as part of her Royal Roads Executive Coaching Graduate Certification process. Preparing for the row has huge challenges and requires us to be good at things that weren’t originally in our skill sets… or were they? Nikola has helped us find ways to tackle our challenges using skills we’ve always had but maybe just didn’t realize what they were for or how to apply them.
Find out more about Nikola

Biance and Zoey

Biance and Zoey

Biance Le Roux

Graphics Support’s own web producer.¬† A pretty amazing young woman with some real passion for the web and all of it’s power and magic.

Follow Biance on Twitter -@biance

Meg Lynch

Meg Lynch

Meg Lynch

Graphics Support
Meg Lynch is a graphic designer at One of the hardest working people we’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, she’s got an keen eye for detail and she’s a wizard at creating¬† beautiful graphics!¬† How do you like our logo?
Susan doing the OC1 Chase Down

Susan doing the OC1 Chase Down

Susan Mott

Susan is Working for the correctional service of Canada. She enjoys being on the water and in the outdoors hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Susan loves chasing Leanne and Rebecca on the water and being a part of their team to help them be the first Canadian women to row the pacific.

Sarah Boland

Photo and Video
Sarah, a photographer, is more of the amazing talent that works at Sarah is behind the creation of our YouTube videos and promo photography.

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