Inspired to Adventure…

Adam Kreek & Jordan Hanssen row out of Cole Harbor

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience…  There are numerous quotes from iconic and inspirational people throughout the ages along the lines of dreaming big, and not being afraid of failure.  There are also many people who have lived those quotes and sayings, venturing towards immense goals and achieving great things. These are the […]

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Fancy Sheep and Good Eats

Rebecca Rowing

Here we are, sailing into February already! It’s been another busy month of preparations and training packed full of exciting new developments. More Sponsors! Icebreaker MERINO Recently, Rebecca was contacted (out of the blue!) by the Retail Manager for icebreaker MERINO here in Vancouver – a very nice guy by the name of Rejean Roussy. […]

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It’s alllllll coming together!

So far late December/early January has been a very exciting and busy time for us! We have at last made final arrangements with our title sponsor which allows us to do 2 important things: 1. Announce our title sponsor! We are very happy to finally (and formally) be able to let everybody know that Rebecca’s […]

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And So it Begins…

In April of 2012 Rebecca went down to the Vancouver Rowing Club to see the OAR Northwest team off on their Canadian Wildlife Federation Salish Sea Expedition, a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island. Using the world’s most technologically advanced ocean rowboat the OAR Northwest Crew partnered with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to monitor the current health […]

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