Sponsor Spotlight – ClearlyContacts.ca

Photo by Richard Schmon.  Copyright - Coastal Contacts Inc

This past week we spent a bit of time with the shutterbugs of ClearlyContacts.ca, who are our main sponsor for the row resulting in a fabulous video shot by Sarah Boland of ClearlyContacts.ca. The Better Way to Buy Eyewear ClearlyContacts.ca was founded by CEO Roger Hardy. They began as a small operation with a mission […]

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This boat was brought to you by Hellmann Worldwide Logistics & ClearlyContacts.ca

Hellmann and ClearlyContacts.ca make it happen

Tuesday September 3rd was the day we finally got to meet our boat (unofficially named “Honey Badger”). After a month and a half journey from the UK, around the entire North American continent (via the Panama Canal), and a brief stay in customs she was finally ready for us to pick her up. The boat […]

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Nice to meet you!

"yup... at least 60 days... "

We had a great weekend at the Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show at the beginning of March. We met many enthusiastic people who were excited to hear about our adventure and wanted to support us in some way.   The support and interest we’ve been receiving along the way has really been a good source of […]

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It’s alllllll coming together!


So far late December/early January has been a very exciting and busy time for us! We have at last made final arrangements with our title sponsor which allows us to do 2 important things: 1. Announce our title sponsor! We are very happy to finally (and formally) be able to let everybody know that Rebecca’s […]

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