Our general sponsorship levels:

The following list is designed to give a feeling for what is possible, bearing in mind that all options are open to negotiation to ensure that our sponsors receive the best possible return on their investment.

This document requires PDF reader.Download a copy of our generic sponsorship proposal here



Gold Supporter – Donations from $20,000+.

  • Company logo positioned on the cabin area on both sides covering roughly 1 square meter of space.
  • Company logo on our marketing materials and the website
  • Personal appearances of the crew before and after the race for presentations & informative session.
  • Limited to 6 sponsors.

Silver Supporter – Donations worth $1,001 to $10,000+.

  • Company logo positioned on the hull/side area with roughly 1/3 square meter of space.
  • Company logo on our website and marketing materials

Bronze Supporter – Donations worth $26 to $1000.

  • Your name or company name on the hull of the boat.

Land Crew Membership – Cost $25 per person to register as Land Crew.

  • Receive regular email bulletins from the rowers.
  • Have your name listed inside the boat to be taken across the Pacific during the race.

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