Monterey Days 1 – 5

We’re here in Monterey!! We arrived four days ahead of the official Race Registration like a couple of crazy keeners…  We wanted to have time to get ourselves together and organize our gear and food ahead of Scrutineering.   Our scrutineering team consisting of Lia Ditton, Jordan Hanssen, and Greg Spooner (also keeners) were eager to test out their process before the rest of the boats arrived. How handy that we were there with all our kit!  We decided to take the plunge and have our selves scrutineered as guinea pigs even though we hadn’t organized our stuff in the way that we had wanted to (Really to make it easier for them, and for us to know we were really set)
Scrutineering - Round 1

Greg Spooner, Jordan Hanssen, Justin Adkin, and Lia Ditton run through the race rules

Trader Joes - Out of Jerky

How many packs of Jerky do we need!???!?!?!

Measure, Scoop, Pack

I will stay up all night until it is PACKED!!

The first round consists of Boat, Systems, General Equipment, and Safetey Equipment.  It took us about Four hours to go through it all! And we haven’t even gone through our food yet!
We ended up with a list of about 50 things we needed to do to “finalize” that portion of scrutineering.  Most of the things on the list were small and fiddly.  We’re in a good position of being 80% ready to go at this point and we still have two weeks to fine tune things.
We know many of you are wondering how WE are doing in these final days before we head out to sea…   It’s been an emotional roller coaster of sorts.  After 2.5 years of planning and preparations it’s surreal to be here.  The drive down here was a great time for us to reflect on the achievements of the past couple of years and really allow ourselves to feel proud of what we’ve done to get us here on to the start line.
Of course now that we are here and the list of jobs never gets smaller but the countdown brings us closer and closer to start day, there are some stresses and anxiety to work through.   If we’re honest we’d say that team tensions are high…  we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are in a great position.  A: we have our boat!!  B: we know each other!!! and C: we’re 80% of the way through scrutinizing which is no small feat.
Our goal is to be on the water by Wednesday. We want to be out there working through our systems and making sure we know how things work in our sleep.


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