Less Than a Week to Go!

Time has flown by here in Monterey. We’ve been busy prepping our boat and passing scrutineering.

We took great advantage of our early scrutineering and managed to get ourselves signed off for getting in the water nice and early! It was a big moment to be getting in the water finally.

We’ve been out for a couple of rows, one of which included a little paddle for a camera man from Al Jazeera!

We’ve managed to get all of our equipment into the boat and are in the process of fine tuning it’s whereabouts in the boat. Once we are happy with everything’s location we will create a map of just where everything is so that when we are on the high seas we can access it all with the littlest amount of hunting. Our practice rows have been really helpful for us in figuring out the best places to stash stuff.

Roz Savage and Leanne discuss how best to stow the spare oars

It’s all been sinking in gradually, just what we are about to do. It’s interesting how the feelings from when we first arrived have matured from a sort of a mainly high RPM butterfly feeling to a feeling of eagerness peppered with lower RPM butterflies.

On Friday we had our Multivitamin sponsor, Oxylent, down to the staging area of the race. They provided all of the crews with a delicious lunch and samples of the Oxylent product. We were really pleased how many of the crew liked their Oxylent! The Brit Four, Team Pacific Rowers, were lucky enough to get a good supply to take with them on their boat!

Lisa Lent and Ruby Roberts of Oxylent!

We’ve started getting to know some of the other crews and we have to say that these are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. The stories of how they got here and their dreams of wanting to row an ocean are really interesting.

Clement of CC4 Pacific working on his pairs boat “La Cigogne”

There are a few boats that have been stuck in customs for a while. It’s anyone’s guess when these guys will be able to spring them and get to work on making sure they are fit for the row. They’ve all been busy in the mean time making sure their food is good to go (one of the more time consuming tasks in preparation).

Team Pacific Rowers pack their treats while they wait for their boat

Each crew has a feature written about them on the race website http://greatpacificrace.com/crews/ if you are interested in learning about them too.

Team Battleborn get to work on their newly arrived boat

There are still a lot of seminars and meetings with all of the crews over the next few days. And we have yet to actually fit our food into the boat!

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