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What is an Ocean Rowing Boat?

Rannoch Ocean Row Boat

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An ocean row boat is a purpose built human powered boat designed to fair well in dynamic and rough conditions. They are designed to be as efficient as possible while traveling through the water as well as on top of the water.

Ocean row boats are designed to be able to self right in the event of a capsize by placing a water ballast in the bottom of the boat.

There is a small cabin at one end of the boat where the communications equipment is kept.  There is enough room in this cabin to lay down and that’s about it.  The cabin in a pair can fit two people laying down at a bit of a squeeze.

What else will we need?


Equipment to go on board our little boat. We still need to fit our food on with this lot!

Some of the many necessities we’ll need to bring with us are life-raft, oars, solar panels, water-maker, medical kit, satellite phone and lifejackets. There is an official list of equipment that will need to fill in order to qualify to take place in the race. This is to ensure that everyone has the correct equipment to take part in the race as safely as possible.

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