Chapter 2

The second wave of boats made their way out of Monterey Bay yesterday morning at the crack of dawn.  I was excited for them to finally get under way, but I was also sad.

I had spent the last 9 days bonding with the teams known as the “ones who were left behind” and now they were about to leave me behind.

I rowed out with them to the start.  A painful experience for me having had done it 9 days earlier with no intention of coming back.  But I wanted to be there with them for their start because, after all, I had grown rather fond of the other teams who persevered their own challenges to get under way in this race.

Always bring your fenders in, this is appalling..    Photo: Ellen Hoke -

Always bring your fenders in, this is appalling.. Photo: Ellen Hoke

As soon as the horn went off I turned the Honey Badger around and headed back for the wharf yet again, watching the crews push forward to the edge of the bay and growing smaller and smaller in the distance as I rowed.

But… I had my plan!  I had a new rowing partner.

And so, Chapter 2 begins!

I’m pleased to announce officially that Lia Ditton will be my new rowing partner.  She was the head scrutineer for the race and needed to focus on those duties until all the crews had left.  This was why we had to wait until the crews left before we could plan anything.

Lia is very experienced in offshore activities having done 12 ocean crossings, has 100,000 miles of open ocean travels under her belt and has also rowed the Atlantic!

And so we’ve begun our work together to be ready to row as soon as possible.

First there’s the small matter of the leak in the dagger board sheath that was getting worse, not better.  We pulled the Honey Badger out of the water yesterday and took a good look at things and it’s turned out to need quite a bit of work to repair.  A job that we’ve been working on full on to get her back in the water for tomorrow morning.


Lia Sands the Dagger Board Sheath

Of course the supplies and equipment on board the Honey Badger are good to go but Lia isn’t particularly familiar with them so we also needed to pull everything out of the boat and get acquainted!  Another painful task for me being that so much time and effort had already gone into the logistics of packing and sourcing equipment.

But it has to be done if we are to be successful!

I’m excited to have Lia on board! She’s fun and likes to write, so stay tuned for posts from Lia during our adventure as well.

We are gunning to get under way for Hawaii by Monday, weather dependant, so stay tuned…

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