An Update About The Row

The USCG has urged us not to continue with our intention to row from Monterey to Hawaii as part of the Great Pacific Race.  In light of the rescues over the weekend,  they feel increasingly that the conditions are not fit for the task.
Simply put, we’ve missed our window to get out of the bay with the coast guards blessing.
One option available to us would be to completely disassociate ourselves from the organized race and continue on as planned.
After giving it some thought, I made the very difficult decision to postpone the row at this time.
The Team campaign has been a long and fruitful one with the support of so many generous, inspiring people, and organizations.  The set backs of the past few weeks are a lot to process and “recalculating” has been a challenge in itself.
The Great Pacific Race is an amazing event with potential to become a bi-annual success.  I do not want to do anything to jeopardize the future of the event or the future of the sport.
I’d like to thank Lia Ditton for stepping in to replace Leanne Zrum at such short notice.  In the five days we worked together I learned a lot and the Honey Badger is a better boat for having her onboard for such a short time.

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