An Update About The Row

The USCG has urged us not to continue with our intention to row from Monterey to Hawaii as part of the Great Pacific Race.  In light of the rescues over the weekend,  they feel increasingly that the conditions are not fit for the task. Simply put, we’ve missed our window to get out of the […]

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Chapter 2

The second wave of boats made their way out of Monterey Bay yesterday morning at the crack of dawn.  I was excited for them to finally get under way, but I was also sad. I had spent the last 9 days bonding with the teams known as the “ones who were left behind” and now they […]

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Every Story Has a Twist…

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” 
― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Many of you will have noticed that the Honey Badger headed back for port on Monday June 9th, after 7 hours of what seemed like a pretty darned good start for a female pair. So what happened? As we got further out into the challenging conditions of an unusually south westerly (strong) wind we were […]

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Less Than a Week to Go!

Time has flown by here in Monterey. We’ve been busy prepping our boat and passing scrutineering. We took great advantage of our early scrutineering and managed to get ourselves signed off for getting in the water nice and early! It was a big moment to be getting in the water finally. We’ve been out for […]

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Monterey Days 1 – 5

We’re here in Monterey!! We arrived four days ahead of the official Race Registration like a couple of crazy keeners…  We wanted to have time to get ourselves together and organize our gear and food ahead of Scrutineering.   Our scrutineering team consisting of Lia Ditton, Jordan Hanssen, and Greg Spooner (also keeners) were eager to test […]

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The Pre-Adventure

After a mad couple of weeks running around getting final fittings and jobs done for Honey Badger we said goodbye to our Vancouver Friends and Family. Derek Lemoine, our wizard craftsman (Also the father of one of Rebecca’s good friends), Worked for two full weeks crafting custom fittings for the boat including a spare rudder, […]

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Vancouver Maritime Museum Joins the Row

Vancouver Maritime Museum

We are very pleased to welcome the Vancouver Maritime Museum as our latest supporters of the row. We popped over to the Vancouver Maritime Museum last week to see our friends Anthony Sessions, Ian Hopkinson and the Director of the museum, Kenneth Burton. We were presented with a very appropriately timed (completely coincidental!) piece on […]

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CTV News – Sunday April 13th


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A ClubLocarno Send Off

Boat mob - Photo Credit: Vasco Castela

Carolyn MacKinnon of ClubLocarno blew us away this week with her event planning skills. She whipped the city into a curious frenzy, ordered sunshine and 18 degree weather, drew two camera crews, and MC’d the whole event. There were times we didn’t even know who all was there we were so overwhelmed with the attendance. […]

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Vancouver Courier

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